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Handcrafted Ocean Artwork in Palm Bay, FL Ocean Inspired Artwork in Palm Bay, FL

Inspired by the Sea

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Handcrafted Ocean Artwork in Palm Bay, FL

With a long history of interest in crafting, I am excited to share my love of the sea with you here at Aquatic Treasures. I spend great care and attention on my handcrafted ocean artwork in Palm Bay, FL, and offer a variety of ways to showcase your love of the waves. Every one of my items is made with love.

From ocean-inspired artwork and jewelry to yard ornaments and clothing. Place your order today! We are proud to ship nationwide.

Bring a piece of the ocean
into your home today.

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Look and feel great in our
ocean-inspired t-shirts!

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Decorate your lawn in a
distinctive nautical theme.

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Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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